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Working with Me

In an increasingly complex, changing and interdependent business environment, the quality of our relationships, of our interpersonal skills, our self awareness and our emotional intelligence not only impacts the level of joy and meaning we receive from our work, but also drives business results.

Using research based methodologies, analytical frameworks, interpersonal experiential practices and awareness exercises I empower teams and individuals to grow these skills and to confidently lead, collaborate & negotiate to achieve their desired impact.

Facilitation & Consulting

To meet your need for expert guidance on facilitation and collaboration, I offer services to:

  • Facilitate through innovation, engage conflict or develop more ease and collaboration with your team – I design and navigate participants from where they are toward their desired impact
  • Facilitate stakeholder engagement — I uncover interests and concerns, build coalitions and mediate toward a desired impact or outcome
  • Consulting to develop partnerships, structure and negotiate deals, and/or support a collective impact initiative (link – include the info below) by working directly with backbone leaders

Effective Collective Impact & Developing Backbone Leaders

Corporations, Non-Profits and Foundations are recognizing that to accomplish broad and sustainable initiatives toward a shared goal, collaboration among multiple entities is necessary.  In the most effective of these collaborations, there is often a primary organization, or Backbone Leader, driving the collaboration.  According to research by FSG, there are six characteristics necessary for backbone leaders (or more generally, leaders in emerging situations) to be effective: 1) results oriented, 2) collaborative relationship builder, 3) focused but adaptive, 4) charismatic and influential, 5) politically astute, and 6) humble/servant leader focused. 

The real opportunity is that – while each of these 6 characteristics is necessary for a Backbone Leader to be effective, they are not fixed traits to dictate hiring decisions, but learnable skills that can be developed.  However, simply reading or listening to presentations on these topics are unlikely to make a measurable difference.  Why?  The characteristics relate to automatic interpersonal patterns that we have already established and our defaults, especially under stress are set. For example, relying on a collaborative approach to conflict as a preferred response, is just one of 5 potential responses that may be habitually used.  (The other 4 responses to conflict are to compete, compromise, avoid or accommodate.)

Neuroscience and applied psychology teach us that to break our current habits or more fully develop new ones – an analytical framework is helpful – but the real change in behavior comes when we are aware of our automatic responses in the moment and have developed the facility to consciously choose our behavior.

Therefore, what is needed is training that incorporates analytical frameworks, interpersonal experiential practices and awareness exercises.

That critical combination is the catalyst for real growth in each of the necessary six elements for effective backbone leadership.

  • Jeanine consistently brings a useful perspective that helps me rethink my approach to problems. I particularly appreciate that she makes connections between thinking and feeling, to hone in on important issues and uncover real possibilities. Since we started working together, I feel more grounded and effective in my work.

  • With Jeanine’s coaching I was able to complete the negotiation for a new leadership role more confidence and an effective strategy to reach the package I wanted. In addition to a significant raise, I negotiated 6 months of coaching with Jeanine as part of my package. That was her first bit of wise counsel. Jeanine continues to be an invaluable resource, who helps me step out of the moment and stay on track with a bigger vision of success and satisfaction.

  • Jeanine Becker is the real deal. As my coach Jeanine has helped me find my voice, clarify my vision, and unite my life goals with my business goals in a seamless way. Jeanine is exquisitely astute in her ability to retrieve the hidden gems of my life and business waiting to emerge.  She is committed to my success.

    Marsha Danzig, CEO Yoga for Amputees/Author of “Fierce Joy”
  • When I first thought about hiring a coach, it felt like a luxury, something for executives in large corporations only. After a consultation with Jeanine, I realized that coaching and team facilitation can be a valuable resource rather than purely an expense. One-on-one, Jeanine is great at looking at issues from all sides, and giving practical tools and advice to make change. She is able to address and easily traverse topics from personal empowerment to team collaboration and interpersonal communications, from business development to the operations logistics. Jeanine has helped me to pivot from addressing my business and my work reactively to moving forward proactively. She helped my team build on our strengths, communicate more clearly, and focus our energy more strategically. I've already started recommending Jeanine to people I know—strong women accomplishing great things on their own, but who could do even more with the right resources.

  • Jeanine is an ongoing force of essential wisdom and targeted strategy in our small firm. With Jeanine we are identifying, appreciating, and leveraging the divergent but complementary assets that we have as distinct leaders as well those assets that we want to develop individually and in common toward a shared practice. Jeanine has helped me approach my leadership more consciously, positively, and proactively, with improved communication (inquire more and sooner, assume less...) and specific, attainable tools to implement in the pursuit of larger goals.

  • Jeanine has a loving heart and a phenomenal insight. Jeanine is fiercely intelligent, yet using this strength with an elegant grace and ease. Jeanine is also a powerful speaker, able to hold a room and move them with powerful messages. If you are looking for an advisor, coach or mentor I cannot recommend Jeanine highly enough.

  • Jeanine has been a valuable part of the mentor and workshop team for Momentum.  Her workshop on negotiation has not only helped our founders but myself as well in understanding the kind of negotiator I am.  It's has been one of our top rated workshops for the last two years and we brought her back for our 3rd batch. In addition to her expertise in negotiation, her background as in-house counsel for mobile startups and the Fortune 500 have been a great asset in helping our mobile focused startup founders understand both sides of the table in negotiating deals.  The team is very happy to have her part of the program and hope to have her continued support.

  • Jeanine has been an active mentor for Momentum since our first class.  Each time she has taught an incredible workshop on negotiation which has always been rated as one of the most helpful workshops amongst the companies.  Both her experience in the trenches and in the classroom has made her an invaluable asset to all of the Momentum teams and to both myself and the Momentum partners.  We always recommend Jeanine when companies are going through deal negotiations or even internal problems and have always heard rave reviews.

  • I truly enjoyed working with Jeanine in our ‚teambuilding for startups‘ workshop. Her ability to instantaneously and authentically connect to a diverse group were very valuable in creating an engaging and productive atmosphere. Jeanine draws from her vast experience and puts an emphasis on application and results. I recommend Jeanine to anyone who looks for a compelling, competent and convincing speaker, facilitator and consultant for team effectivity, leadership and corporate culture. I look forward to continuing the work with Jeanine!

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